Whisper {Five Minute Friday}

It echoes through the crisp night air, subtly at first, then swirling around you in a dance. In a breath it dissipates. In the distance there is a rustling of leaves, a melody of fluttering. As you pause in the delicate moonlight, the trees bend and sway, bend and sway. It is as if the day has come to sigh a gentle utterance of tranquility. Just as you begin to settle, a brisk flurry scuttles by unrushed; it teases and jukes. The leaves again hum and the grasses sweep.

This moment utters ever so slightly words of wonder, of love, of grace. It captivates soul and awes the mind.

It is a whisper.

If you are burdened with hustle or laden with obligations it will pass right by. If you don’t stop, it won’t start. This moment, this whisper, will drift beyond wonder into the forgotten dark. In it lies a treasure of honest freedom and you don’t want to miss it.

Step out, risk the exposure, let the current caress.   The tenderness of glory leans into you at first and then the undertone of love whispers truth in your ear. Listen close, sometimes His words are dances of whispers, subtle surroundings of Holy breaths.

Take them in.

Evening breeze by chikache

Happy Friday to you!  This short post is part of Five Minute Friday – an amazingly fun group of writers who gather ever week to write for 5 minutes flat on the same word.  It makes me giggle with glee (yes, I fully admit to being a word nerd).  I have to confess I played for a solid 30 minutes in my thesaurus over this word today!  It was perfect fun!!!  Any and all writers are welcome – here is your invitation!  And for you readers, please come over here and see what other writers have done on this word!!  (I’m clapping with excitement… please just smile and bear with me)




5 Comments on “Whisper {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Yes >>> “If you are burdened with hustle or laden with obligations it will pass right by.”

    We miss so much with our busyness. We have to quiet to hear the whispers…


    • It is something I am trying to be conscious of because the whispers bring such sustenance to my soul!
      I am so glad to share this process with wonderful encouragers like you!!


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