Sunday Selah

The clouds linger a bit, easing in the sunshine.  There is a gentle breeze keeping the air crisp.  It is perfect for our Sunday morning, holding us close.  I have missed them, their giggles and cuddles, their smiles and detailed dreamy chatter.

School is back in session and having them gone all day may afford me time to “get things done” but truly having them snuggle a bit in the early morning or linger longer at the table fills me more than the accomplished to do list.

I am learning to be really present with my smalls.  In our world of hustle and check lists its easy to get caught in the cycle of fix and satisfy.  Instead I want to be here with them, dreaming and savoring.

Aliza Latta at (in)courage reminded me of my role in the lives of those around me – it’s not to save or fix but instead to love.

May your Sunday be full of savory moments of love.




5 Comments on “Sunday Selah

  1. Yes, be present with them Brandi! So glad you are! They grow up way too fast and the world tends to pull us away from such precious times. It’s always a joy to spend time with you here, friend! You bless me!


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