Change {Five Minute Friday}

If only you could see the really big grin on the other side of this screen!  I a little fun money, stayed up late, and rearranged!!  What do you think?!!  There may be a few kinks to still work out but I am thrilled with the changes here on Faith2Shine!!!  I hope you like it too!  (seriously- I want your feedback!)

It is Friday!!  And I thought today’s word was absolutely fitting – I mean really – I laughed outloud when I got the tweet about this weeks prompt!  So with an extra skip in my step I am jumping in with my favorite crew for Five Minute Friday!!  You are absolutely welcome to join in too – there’s always an extra seat!!  (get the low-down here)


Deep breath in and slow breath out.  It was work and your hands got dusty but pat them clean and then put them on your hips.  Take a step back and look around.

You made some changes.  You rearragned, cleaned out, and reorganized.  And it feels good!

Change is hard sometimes.  It takes risk and a lump of courage.  There is a season in the middle where the mess is overwhelming, suffocating almost.  The sorting, the sifting, the evaluating, all force hard decisions.  This process hurts.  This process brings sweat and tears, maybe even blood.  But then, the dust begins to settle and the chaos shifts into calm; the satisfaction that soon follows showers in like a spring rain.

There is something about taking a fresh approach to an old space that rejuvinates the life held within.  Like the tilling of a garden or the re-staining of an heirloom chair; change offers new perspective on old visions.  If we didn’t press through the pain of change we would never see the beauty of second chances.

Don't be afraid of change because it's leading you to a new beginning

Happy Friday my friends and may any changes you face be met with bravery and some good work boots. I’ll bring the pizza!


5 Comments on “Change {Five Minute Friday}

  1. It’ true, I don’t like change. I always like the old way, better than the new. I’m not anticipating any major changes in my life at this time. Love, Grandma


  2. Hello! I’m stopping by from FMF. So nice to meet you. Reading your post made me want to dive into my closets and do some cleaning out. Alas, the urge will soon pass and my closets will remain as they were. Change does hurt sometimes, and I’m one who requires a bit of a push/shove today it. Thanks for the reminder that fresh approaches can be good.


    • Hi Leah! I had to giggle as I read your comment, I have several of those closets too!! And need a push more often than I care to admit! Thanks for coming by today! Happy Friday to you!


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