Abide {Series}: Debunking the Beauty Myth

Sometimes it is a silent whisper in the back of my mind. It carries a frown and a downward glance. “Defeat” repeatedly on its lips. The volume of its speech increases when I sit down for supper (or breakfast or lunch) and when I pass by the magazine rack at the store. It is there while I jog and while I shower. Like a buzzing fly circling aimlessly, this whisper bothers.

The myth of elusive beauty.

While sitting in a crowded room you can almost hear its jabbing snickers. The comparison, judgments, and criticisms, all echo one message: “you aren’t quite there”.   It lingers at bridal parties and wedding receptions masquerading as discussion on fashion or décor.   Even sports bars and rock concerts carry tones of critique. It limits value to the size of rings, brand of clothing, or even style of hair.

The prison of promiscuous marketing.

What if we have it all wrong? We can stand in awe and wonder of the majestic mountains or vast expanse of ocean. We raise our hands towards the celestial night sky and declare the glory of God in the breathtaking sunset. But we chastise the image in the mirror.

The same God who places stars in the heavens created you. The same God who paints the aspen leaves every fall created you. The same God who gave speed to the cheetah and flight to the eagle created you. The same God who makes the pine trees whisper songs in the wind and waves pound in triumph created you.

Niagra Falls Visit

It comes so effortlessly to praise Him for the glory we see on the earth but we struggle so to find praise for any beauty in ourselves.

“I will praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Your works are wonderful. I know that full well.”

Psalm 139:13

A verse well versed in Christian-dom. One taught and preached and shared and coined e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. But it isn’t just a gratitude platitude. David was on to something when he used these words to serenade the sheep.

He was making a choice to worship the creator of the creation, not the creation of the creator.  Let me say that again, David was choosing to worship his creator for being his creator; he was not worshiping the creation.  Our society, even our souls, wants to worship the creation.  We praise what is visually appealing, ‘the lovely to look at’.  And that my friend, is all backwards.

The Amplified version states: “I will confess and praise”.

The Message version states: “I thank you, High God – you’re breathtaking!”

We need to FIRST worship the creator of our bodies, the designer of our lives, the author of our stories.  And in that worship we will find beauty, His not ours.  We were designed by a creative God to look and be like Him.  What if we stood in front of the mirror and rather than finding our faults (based on world standards) we found evidence of God’s handiwork?

  • “Lord, my body is amazing in that it has birthed life.”
  • “Thank you Lord that I have eyes to see your beauty and ears to hear Your melodies”.
  • “Lord, the ability of my body to live and breathe is miraculous, thank you!”
  • “No one has this shape – it is mine and it resembles the journey you have had me walk, it sings of Your faithfulness like the rising of the sun”.

Perhaps by abiding in the act of worship the battle for beauty will be won. Taking every thought captive and turning it to praise will beat the silent whisper of defeat.

You are lovely my friend and worth far more than any measure of a man. You are beautiful far more than your waist size and bust; So, So, So, much more lovely. Please know that God’s value of you goes far beyond the price of diamonds, His storehouses of favor labeled with your name go beyond any man’s assets.

Abide in the presence of the King of Kings and let Him shower you in the reflection of His glory.


This post is part of a series here on Faith 2 Shine, on what it means to abide in the word of God.  By holding tight to the truth found in God’s word we can soar free in who God has designed us to be and be free from the bounds of pretentious faith and oppressive lies.  Read other posts in this series here and here!

I also am linking up (for the first time!!) with my new friend (and driving-in-the-rain diva) Meredith Bernard.  She brings such a smile to my soul with her sweet southern charm and passionate love for Jesus!  On Wednesdays she and several others gather to “chat all things woman” and I am kindof excited to get in on the giggles and hugs!  Come check it out!!



11 Comments on “Abide {Series}: Debunking the Beauty Myth

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  2. Oh Brandi, I’ve been itching to read this since I saw it yesterday on Twitter. I never really thought about how we find it so easy to worship God through the natural creation (earth and the heavens) but not when we see ourselves. So good.


    • Hi Betsy!
      This has been a lesson mulling around in my heart for a while now. Putting it out on “paper” was so transforming for me! We can be changed as we rely on His word for truth! Thank you so much for coming by!!


  3. Sick kiddos this week, so I’m just now getting over here from Meredith’s place. I so needed this. My husband gently pointed out that I do some negative self-talk in front of our young girls and he took the opportunity to teach our eldest, a preschooler, that she is beautiful (and that he thinks I am too). I’ve resolved to do better about that, and I couldn’t be more thankful to see this beautifully done post.


    • Hi Kirsten!
      How precious that your husband is already pouring truth into your daughters heart! I am guilty of that too, especially when I am tired and run down. I am committed along with you to cling to truth especially in front of my children!! Thank You for coming by today!


  4. Oh Brandi, you are gorgeous inside and out, my friend. But I can oh. so. relate to this. Psalm 139 is one of my favorite Psalms. One of my go-tos when the lies get to me. This is a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your heart here.


    • Thank You Abby! I am so grateful to call you friend! I don’t know what is do if we didn’t have a means to battle those lies – sometimes just reading these verses outloud is all it takes to silence the enemy.
      Thank You for coming by today!!


  5. And I am MORE than excited to have you linking-up…finally! 😛 These words are so beautiful, Brandi. The way you capture the beauty of our Creator…the awe of the fact that the One who made all things wonderful, made us TOO…wonderfully perfect, just the way He wanted us to be made. How sad we forget that. I’m so glad you are here…and hope to see you here more often. 😉 And I love that we get to share those rainy car moments…hahaha. Love you! xoxo


    • (blush) Thank You Meredith!! I have been guilty of focusing more on the creation than on the creator lately- and my thoughts have not been nice. He is so faithful to whisper truth to us when we need it the most!
      And Thank you so much for hosting this fun group- you all are way more than “link ups” to me- you guys are friends!! {hugs}


  6. Brandi, I loved your well-written, thought-out writing. I am looking forward to being perfectly beautiful when I get to heaven!!! Love, Grandma


    • Awe Peggy! Me too! But I also think there is Holy beauty in you here on earth- you shower those around you with such love that you radiate beauty- true beauty!!
      Thank You so much for your encouragement!! It means SOO much to me!


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