1940s - Dancin' In The Streets

Can I just tell you about a little dance party that erupted in my living room long after bedtime should have happened, with an Uncle who flew far too many miles, to songs my children will someday mock when they are old enough to realize their parents (and Uncles) are old?

It was spontaneous.

It made us laugh until we nearly wet our pants.

We danced and sang our ever-lovin’ hearts out!

And it changed the way I looked at family. Forever.

I can’t even tell you how it began, it definitely was not a planned event. We had been at the lake all day and BBQ’in all night. The kids should have been tucked into bed due to the early flight Uncle had to catch the next morning. But suddenly my Man was pulling out some classic 80’s tunes and I found myself grooving in the kitchen while my daughter did karaoke on a kitchen chair. And Uncle, well he was cutting a rug before I could bat an eye, right next to all of my boys.

A sight never seen before in the history of this household.

This spontaneous eruption of joy.

It defied all logic and overturned all routine. Expectations flew out of the window, bailing out from the massive dance circle. Did I mention the iPhone strobe light… yes, yes we did.

The roof was being raised. Oh was it ever.

And with this spontaneous eruption came an avalanche of contentment. Even though my kitchen was a great science experiment liken to Chernobyl. Even my children were negating their bed time routines. And nothing was getting checked off the completed list (a vital part to this momma’s sense of contentment). No, this contentment was different. It was a feeling of completeness. I felt whole.

Contentedly whole. While the joy bopped and boogied all around my home.

My Grandma used to say, after moments like these – that she would bottle them up and keep them forever.

I will too.

And when I feel the ache of empty, because it will come again, I’ll come open this bottle and drink in a love that fills the soul. A laugh will surface from somewhere deep and I will feel content yet again. Sometimes we need to throw expectations to the wayside and allow the unpredictable to happen. Somewhere in the chaos of spontaneous, lies a true treasure of contented peace. Can I challenge you to bottle up your next spontaneous dance party? Savor life, friends. It is a glorious thing.

Just as each day brims with your beauty, my mouth brims with praise.

Psalms 71:8 (MSG)


10 Comments on “Dancing

  1. Brandi, The picture of the girls in front of their school reminds me of my high school days (graduated in ‘49). Those were the days of skirts or dresses, never pants and always bobby socks. It was the end of the world for us, if we didn’t get to every Saturday night dance!! Love, Grandma G


  2. Brandi:
    This is sooooo good. Your description is vibrant – I can see everyone smiling, not just the Karaoke Queen on the kitchen stool. I can hear the tunes – amped up loud by the DJ who only knows one volume setting – MAX. How fun. Great job – very Uplifting :-).


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