Pushing through dirt.

It is dark and cold.  The weight of it all pushing in from all sides.  The isolation is overwhelming, the potential for stagnation inevitable.  There is a pause, a stillness.  Eternity seems to hold its breath.

Give up in the deep?  Stay hidden in this dark, buried under layers and layers of dirt?  Which way is up, where is the out?  There are no directions, no map; no explanation.  Identity and destination are foreign.

Then it comes, it surrounds and saturates.  It nourishes.  It fuels.  Like a rhythm of hope, it sources life.  And then it comes again.  Steady.  Faithful.

In the deep it fills, it builds, it strengthens and out of the core comes a passion, a drive, a call.

Walls begin to crack and slowly, steadily shapes change and things move.  Mysteriously pushing upward and outward, inch by inch pressing through layers of stone, grime — dirt.  Each new wave of saturation seems to multiply strength, fueling this growth onward and upward.


The sun sets freedom on fire, the radiance of life on display.  Finally.  This work, this change, this salvaged life from the depths is evident.  Out of the deep it came.  It’s beautiful, breathtaking.  It is alive.

It has bloomed.


Every Friday I come here and I am challenged to testify about what God is doing in my life through words and grammar in black and white.  And every Friday I am humbled, humbled by His faithfulness.  This week I have been speechless to His marvelous ways.  He weaves all the tiny details of our life together.  Every single one.  They each are part of a tapestry of glory, His story.  Over and over again small whispers have come, whispers of a call to keep pushing through the dirt.  His promises echo through the layers of stone, filth and grime – they permeate deep in my core to break out.  Somehow by following the sound of his voice I find the surface and burst forth into freedom. 

Follow the sound of His voice.  Trace the lines of His word and you will find your way to the light.  Don’t hide in the depths of fear, allow Faith to bloom. 

No flower ever blooms


This week I have been listening here at  Remade Ministries Webinar: Faith Over Fear.   Friends, it has blown my socks off!  (And I have been wearing socks lately with all of our wet and fall-like rain).  Beth Kinder has challenged me to stare fear in the face and answer back with faith.  My favorite quote so far is: “Trust trumps fear every time.”  You can still get in on the action – FOR FREE!  It is three hours of your life that will be like adding a million dollars to your faith account.


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