Lost on a Five Minute Friday

It is Friday, and today I again join up with a brave lot to simply write for 5 minutes.  We leave our make up in the drawer and shoes on the floor, sit back in the cozy couch and gather together to write.  Just write.  Oh the wonders that come together!!  You are invited too!  Come, join us here!

Lost Toy. Utrecht

His forlorn eyes gave him away.  “Momma, I just can’t find it”, he confessed.

“Find what, love?”

“My phone”, and then the tears came.  He recanted all the places he looked, he admitted to interrogating his siblings and now, now he just needed to embrace the feelings of loosing something he treasured.

I admit, I found it hard to jump on the sad band wagon, I mean we were talking about a piece of paper made to look like the home page of a smart phone.  We had snagged it as a book mark from the library.  A piece of paper.  I offered his baby brothers copy, it wouldn’t do – he had made a customized case for his and wanted his, not some imitation.  I wanted to giggle almost, to say “Really, Son, we’re going to mope around and be upset over a lost piece of paper?”

But he was genuinely upset.  For real.  I couldn’t ignore that hurt look in his eyes or help but notice his slumped shoulders and lack-luster appetite.  And this went on for days.  Yes, days.

It hit me like a ton of bricks after I offered him his brothers again.  (Mind you, baby brother hadn’t given said book mark a second look).  My son looked at me with tears and very firmly said, “No Thanks Mom, I want mine, because it’s mine.”  He was sad and upset, but resolute.  That is when I saw it, it wasn’t the piece of paper he had lost, but his vision.  He has a goal to get a smart phone and loosing this little toy was like loosing his vision.

He felt lost, unable to move forward because he had lost his vision, lost sight of the goal.  He was sidetracked by the distractions and consumed by the disruption.  Like turning the lights off while still working, he was stuck and that is a frustrating, discouraging and hard place to be.

Don’t misplace your vision, friends.  Keep your eyes steadfast on the purpose so that you aren’t consumed by the distractions or weighted down by life’s disruptions.  Hold tight to that aim, it is a life line. 

Where there is no vision, the people perish.  Prov. 29:18

{We did find the paper smart phone, it was hiding in the laundry basket.  After sorting through the socks, all of the world was restored to balance.}






10 Comments on “Lost on a Five Minute Friday

  1. OK, I thought my kids were the only ones who cut smart phone pictures out of magazines or draw them on paper and pretend they are real! 🙂 So sweet. I’m glad you found it.


  2. Now that’s a mama’s insight – it wasn’t about the THING, but the thing BEHIND the thing (vision!). When you parent to that, you hold mold their hearts. (and, oh. dear. someday it probably will be a real phone so, you’re also getting practice for that!). Following you at FMF.


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