It is time to Release her. {Five Minute Friday}

{Today I write alongside some amazing others.  These lovelies inspire me, challenge me and encourage me beyond words.  I am joining up again with Lisa-Jo.  Today’s prompt is a raw one as writing for me is only 6 months in to my release.  The word today… well it needs no introduction.}

freedom in red / Libertad en rojo

What happens if she let go?  What if she let go of the hope that things might change?  What if she released the expectation for improvement?  REALLY release it, in a sense, gave up.

Then what?

What does tomorrow hold?  How does she conduct herself?  How do she move forward, continue?

What does it look like to let go, to release the expectation of change?

Looking at this from the other side brings some clarity.  If you release the expectation you can see how much her chains and heavy burden held her down.  By clinging to the expectation of change, improvement, she has become a slave to its flapping in the wind. This burden has become her bondage.  She has been entrapped by it.  Held back by it.

She needs released.


Relieve the troubles of her heart and free her from my anguish.  (Ps. 25:17)  Bind up her broken heart, proclaim her freedom and release her from this bondage (Is. 61:1-2). 

Bestow on her a crown of beauty, Lord. 


Photo curtesy of Five Minute Friday ~ Lisa Jo Baker

Photo courtesy of Five Minute Friday ~ Lisa Jo Baker


7 Comments on “It is time to Release her. {Five Minute Friday}

    • Hi Beth!!
      Oh friend, thank you!! God is a God of redemption, even in the deepest parts of our soul. Writing has been my sacrifice of worship and He has showered down with incredible Love!
      Thank You so much for stopping by today!


  1. Beautiful words, and oh so true…that we would be released from who we think we ought to be and be becoming who we’ve been in Him all along. Pre-approved and oh so loved. xo


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