Nothing… Not One Thing {Five Minute Friday}

Pinch me… it’s Friday again!  How fast the clock spins!  I am joining in on all the fun over at Lisa-Jo’s.  I’d love for you to come check it out with me, much a do about Nothing!

~ Nothing~

I have to confess.  I have not always been the best Christian.  I have used the Lords name in vain (along with a few others), I have not prayed about everything, I skip over books of the Bible, I have lusted and  coveted… I even ditched church, frequently.

I have not always been the best wife.  I have disrespected and dishonored, I have yelled and been selfish, I have said some not-so-nice- things to him and about him.  And the thoughts I’ve sometime had…

I have not always been the best mom.  I have lost my temper, I have neglected certain promises, I have yelled and yelled some more.  I have spoiled and not been consistent and I have lied.  I have a putrid selfishness sometimes.

But worse, I have not always been a good steward of all that I have.  I have not been the best at taking care of my body.  I have not cherished relationships, even back stabbing some of them.  I have not worked hard enough, I have been consumed by perfection and comparison.  And I lack gratitude – oh do I lack gratitude.  I have horrible self talk and criticize EVERYTHING way, way too much.  I wear doubt like a name brand dress and I spew cynicism regularly.

If you were to examine the inside of me… you would disqualify me.  I don’t measure up to any level of excellence, not even close.  I alone, am not worthy of love.

But Nothing can separate us from the Love of God. 

Romans 8.38

Did you see that… NOTHING.

Not lust, not envy, not bad language.

Not doubt, nor cynicism.  Not back talk.

Not fear, not faithless ness.

Not selfishness.

Not anger, not frustration.

NOTHING I say, do, think, give, take, feel…

Nothing can distract His gaze from me.  Nothing can pull His fond attention from me.  Nothing can keep Him from seeking me.  Nothing can detour His pursuit.  Nothing can hinder His love for me.



6 Comments on “Nothing… Not One Thing {Five Minute Friday}

  1. I thought of this same verse when I saw the FMF prompt. 🙂 I’m so grateful that in my so far less than perfect life, he still loves me. Loved your thoughts here.


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