{It’s Friday!  And we are gathering again with Lisa-Jo for a crazy fun Flash Mob of writing.  Its been three months of this… and I still get giddy on Thursday nights!  Here’s all the details if you want to see other mobsters in action or want in on it yourself!  The word today is ‘close’.  Oh my, my… how timely it is. }
Close up

I am tired.  My soul feels empty.  The fight has all but left and the well has done dried up.  The needs keep piling, the laundry too.  The dishes are re-dirtied and the mouths are wide open with expectation.  There are forms to sign, to-do’s to check, follow-ups to be made and all I want to do is curl up in a cocoon.  In all my tiredness I feel alone.  Out of touch.  Unreachable.  Lost in a cacophony of duties.  My body can go through the motions but my soul is stranded.

I close my eyes and hold my breath and then He comes.

The sun wraps around my goose-bumped arms, peeling away the cold.  The lilac breeze swirls at my nose.  And a giggle dances forth from somewhere under that laundry pile.  I am not alone, I am not forgotten… God is close.

I hold my eyes closed for fear this closeness will vanish.  When instead His fragrance of grace envelopes even closer.  Songs of everlasting, unending, resurrection love cascade over me.  A knowing hug from an innocent child, a tender note from a friend, a sweet solitary moment between my taste buds and a holy grail of coffee – all of these tiny gifts add up to one big gift of a close God.

As He surrounds me in these little moments I am can now open my eyes to His omnipresent hand.  His tapestry of salvation and His Holy intervention, they are near.

He is a close God.  He has always been and always wants to be.  Like the sunlight drenches the earth, so God pursues His people, so He embraces me.


Eternal Sunlight



7 Comments on “Close

  1. Brandi, I like the passage in Exodus 33:14-15 where Moses tells the Lord, “Don’t send me unless your Presence goes with me.” A good prayer before you start the day’s duties. Love, Peggy


  2. Visiting a few FMF posts this morning and this touched my soul. I feel so overwhelmed some days and this is an important reminder to lean on God. He IS close.


    • Hi Kirsten! It is such a joy to be a part if this community and to ‘meet’ amazing women like you! He is so close, even when we feel He has packed up and moved to Tahiti. When we look back on those distant times it turns out He was closer than air all along.
      I pray your weekend is blessed and I hope to see you again through FMF!


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