For This I am Grateful

It has been a roller coaster week – beautiful, breathtaking highs and utterly, devastating dives.

And I am grateful.

The rains have pestered and the thunder clouds bellowed.

And I am grateful.

The sun, oh the sun, it has caressed my skin and satisfied my soul.

And I am grateful.

The ache in my heart has hemorraged, making a mess of my neat and tidy.

And I am grateful.

Friends have called, came over, met for coffee and stood with me.

And I am grateful.

Prayers have been answered, the Heavens have opened.

And I am grateful.

Wounds have torn open, wide.

And I am grateful.

Giggles have echoed through hallways and small, tender hands have gripped mine.

And I am grateful.

The laundry… oh, the never-ending cycle of wash, dry, fold, pile, dirty, pile…repeat.

And I am grateful.

The words, the overflow of words and here, the place to put them.

I am grateful.

This week.  I am grateful.  This moment.  I am grateful.


{Today I write along side my favorite group of Friday gals – over with Lisa-Jo Baker.  She shares a word and we write for 5 minutes!  Come check us out!!}


8 Comments on “For This I am Grateful

  1. Brandi, Betty is here with me along with Maurie this weekend. They will depart tomorrow afternoon to stay in a motel in Panama, IA and clean out Grandma Kwapazeski’s house. I heard you are going to a writer’s workshop this summer!
    Love to all of you. Grandma Gray


  2. Brandi, it sounds like we’ve had a similar week! I, too, am grateful. Sometimes it just helps knowing someone else knows how you feel. Lifting you in prayer today on this FMF. Thank you for sharing in your transparency! Grateful we have hope!


  3. What a beautiful tribute to the power of God’s abiding love that in the midst of our mess, we can feel grateful. May he continue to lift you up and allow you to see the grateful in the everyday. Praying for you and lifting you up from the FMF sidelines :).


    • Anita!
      Thank You so very much for your encouragement and prayers! I stand in awe most days of God’s sustaining hand evident in this online group of amazing women! I am so honored to have you stop by!


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