A Prayer for Fighting The Fear of Missing Out

I am absolutely honored to welcome Lisa-Jo Baker to our little corner of the digital world.  In just the past few short months I have found myself sitting in her virtual living room surrounded by new girlfriends.  And now, here, this week… she joins us in this virtual living room as our Guest! {grin}  It gets better!!  After we visit a bit, Lisa-Jo brought gifts!  Be sure to read down to the end!  Fill your coffee cup and settle here on the couch with us! 

We’ve already ripped out the kleenex box and honkered a few times.  Things are getting real, lets skip the pleasantries and bypass the plutonic comments.  Let’s be honest with each other about our fears, our jealousies, and our struggle in overcoming both.  We are in this together and rather than judge, lets journey.   We are all equipped and cherished, we are beautiful!  Do you believe it?


~A Prayer for Fighting the Fear of Missing Out~

By Lisa-Jo Baker

On the days when my gaze strays like some lusty peeping Tom into the windows of what she’s doing, teaching, speaking, attending, making, baking, loving, learning, writing, creating.

When I start to compare her blog or platform or waistband or well-behaved kids or the size of her darling upper arms.

Father wrap yourself around me and raise my eyes to the milky way – so vast and immeasurable – a God of limitless resources.

Protect me from the myth of scarcity that screams I must be noticed, invited, included, appreciated or I. will. vanish.

Tilt my chin away from my navel gazing and lift my eyes to the hills, the mighty art of the stars, the puffs of clouds that bloom in blue skies.

Lord I bring you this prayer for contentment cupped in two hands that have tightly fisted frustration for days at what they think they’re missing out on.

The illusive grass so bright green there on the other side of the Twitter screen I can almost smell it.

It makes me gag and swallow great gulps of greedy wanting what I don’t have.

Rescue me from this mirage. Stop me before I drink a desert of disillusionment.

Desperation to be included tastes hollow going down. My belly aching for the Bread of Life.

Life to the full. I want it with both hands. A life line that keeps slipping through my ridiculous grasp. Grab my hand Father before I slip and slide my way to the bottom of a pit so black I can’t see my hand in front of my red and foolish face.

Rescue me from myself.

Cradle me to your side just like the night you did when you walked into the darkness and offered your own self as ransom for all I’m not satisfied with.

Remind me how you let go your only Son to grab hold of me, by the hair, the heart, the throat in a choke hold of grace.

Don’t. Let. Go.

No matter how I fight and whine and whinge and try to break free of all this love that names me unique. No matter how much I stamp my foot and demand to have a life, a house, a book, a ministry like she does.

Do. Not. Believe. Me.

Dear God, don’t unwrap your fingers from this fool’s unfaithful heart.

Name me yours today and tomorrow and then again the next day. Let your voice ring in my ears until it’s the song stuck on repeat on my Mondays. Till my weeks reek of The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness.

Grow me up into the childish faith of a three-year-old who believes she’s beautiful and valuable and necessary simply because her mother tells her so.

Mother me, Jesus.

Help me believe all the shockingly beautiful things you say about me.

That the verdict’s already in long before I began – how you’ve named me wanted and chosen and adopted. Cherished, beloved, delicious with these wide eyes and my mother’s crooked smile.

Invited into your Kingdom work.

Here in my kitchen and there on that stage.

Both the same as what a mother’s up to at 2am with her sick babe and heaven only sees the bended knee not the stats or traffic or audience or likes or rankings.

Heaven only sees the bended knee.

Burn it into my memory, how to bend my knee and serve. And in so doing find every grand and grasping dream I have flirted with reduced to dust and replaced by gifts of epic, disproportionate grace.

I unwrap fresh mercy every morning and most days I barely recognize it.

I believe Lord, help my unbelief.

Even when all that comes out is a whisper as you hold my hand.





And divinely wanted.

Help me believe beauty


I would love to hear your thoughts about Fighting this fear of missing out, this wrestling match with comparison.  Comment below and be entered to win a signed book-plate from Lisa-Jo.  Her new book: Surprised by Motherhood is described and available for order just one scroll down.

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{To see the video reminder of why all mothers are braver and more beloved than they know, click here}.


This guest post comes with love from Lisa-Jo Baker to our community in celebration of Mother’s Day. If you haven’t already – treat yourself, your mom, your sister, your BFF or your grandma to a copy of her new book, Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected About Being a Mom.

No matter what stage you’re in when it comes to motherhood, we promise it will encourage. And remind you that you are braver than you think.



4 Comments on “A Prayer for Fighting The Fear of Missing Out

  1. Yes, love these words. And they resonate so deeply for me. In my quiet time recently, I heard God whisper…you have an insatiable need to be included. It’s true. I love when God highlights something because then I know He is at work. Blessings to you…So glad Dolly share your site so I could stop by!


    • Hi Elise! I so hear you about craving to be included- I’d add being accepted in there too. God and I are in constant discussion about those topics. He will always reassure us, always squeeze our hands and whisper words of love like we’ve never known!
      I am soooo glad you and Dolly have come over to my slice of Blogville! I hope we’ll share coffee and conversation often!!


  2. Hi Brennie (hope I spelled your name right),
    Visiting from FMF, I couldn’t find your post when I linked onto your avatar …Thanks for sharing Lisa Jo’s beautiful and honest words…like her, I often pray and ask God to help my unbelief and to keep my eyes on Him and not on someone else…Thank you…to you and Lisa-Jo 🙂


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