This Mess

{It’s one of my favorite posts of the week!! Five Minute Friday is here!! Here’s all the details.  And without further delay: the word this week is “Mess”}

The red letters.

The black letters.

They beckon me. It’s like home. This sacred canon. Familiar and comforting they answer my deepest parts. But between the lines I am reminded of the deep pain spewed within those walls. The foundation, albeit repaired, was once cracked.


When I close my eyes and I allow myself the memory… I can hear the sonic boom and the splitting of faith’s foundation, the deep crack of spiritual ground.

It has since been many years of long talks, longer prayers and silent, solitary moments to listen.  I have found faith restored and foundations repaired. My savior is real and His Love pierces even to the point of spirit and soul. He does the healing, the leading and the sealing and I am learning to trust.

We have a comfortable rhythm, He and I.  He holds my hand and I walk beside, just Him and me.

But now he is asking that I step out, and share His love. He has asked me to write, to put words on paper and share that with the virtual world. For. All. To. See.

It’s one thing to share your mess with loved ones, it’s a completely different thing to share your mess with strangers.

“He is solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul, An impregnable castle: I’m set for life.” Psalm 62:2 (MSG)

So with shaking hands and grimaced eyes I have invited you in to my messy world, my heart space still learning, still cleaning and re-building. Through the blinking cursor I have shared some of this new found life and exposed parts of the crack still visible. Nervous EVERY TIME to hit publish but trusting enough to obey.

And guess what? The words still come and I still find breath. He has done more with my vulnerabilities exposed than I pretended they could be behind walls.

He has taken my hidden mess and turned it into authentic reflection of His glorious beauty. I hadn’t noticed all the joys of salvation until my heart started pouring out.


4 Comments on “This Mess

  1. Great post! I sometimes find it easier to share my messy life with strangers than with those close to me. Vulnerability is not so simple, but it is so freeing! Perfect scripture. Thank you for blessing me with your writing!


    • Hi Julie! I know what you mean about sharing vulnerabilities with strangers… It’s funny how we classify our vulnerabilities, much like sin we share them selectively when Christ came for them all.
      It isn’t simple but I am so glad we walk with a God who never gives up on us!
      Have a blessed day!! Thanks for stopping by today!


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