It is Finished

It has been over a week and the baskets have been packed away (despite the pesky pink and green paper grass remnants). The chocolate still beckons me from the pantry and those painted eggs have finally been consumed. Yet, I find myself still lingering at that rocky hill. The blood stained cedar and thorny crown captivate my gaze and the dry and dusty rocks poke at my feet or is it at my soul, I can’t tell.

You can almost hear the chant of the crowd echoing through time: “Kill Him!”, “KILL HIM!” The torture that ensued was brutal, horrific, if we really admit it. I wonder what hurt worse, the tearing of his flesh and the nails piercing his bones or the echoes of rejection and anger in his ears?

I was a part of that moment. My faults, my imperfections, misperceptions, my accusations and downfalls, my frailties, my doubts, my selfishness, and lust – they were all there too.

What a bloody mess.

good friday 2010

“This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.”      Matt. 26:28

Created to be like Him, we could never measure up. We failed miserably (still do) at representing glory, faith, humble love, purity, mercy….

We fail. Every. Time.

So all of our vulnerabilities, all of our meager attempts to pursue God, all of our messiness, they all gathered at Golgotha. There in our frailty we shouted, we demanded: “Crucify Him” and then … we squirmed, as the God from on High pierced deep into our eyes and said,

“It is finished”.

This God, this Holiness, bled and then died. For a moment, the world split open and swallowed up her very own creator. He died there. While his broken and beloved accusers stood upon the rubble and watched. The Righteous Lamb hung slain before the unworthy. In front of me. I stand there, frozen in all my vulnerabilities, while all of my insecurities now felt confirmed.

In our finite mind, death is the end of the story. Fear appears to have won… again.

Until His voice penetrated through the darkness and Love defeated the lies. He reached across the blood filled chasm of doubt, fear and insecurity. He crushed the weight of performance and said… “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly!” (John 10:10)

He peeled back the layers of darkness suffocating any hints of life. His light infiltrated the isolation of shame. Even the rituals of religion did not go untouched by His Resurrection power, fancy curtains and formal rooms destroyed in all their perfection.

Part of me wants to stay back at the cross. In all of its brutality, all of its depravity, it is much easier to accept Love crucified because of my faults and short comings then it is to see Love come back and surround me despite all my selfish doubt and rejection. I demanded his crucifixion, how can he return, scars and all, to reach out and embrace me?

As the Holiday fades into past calendar pages and as the dust settles from shattered temple walls there is a faint sound. Love’s pure voice whispering: “Child, I didn’t die because you failed at performing. I am Resurrected Life so that you are completely embraced and accepted because I am.”

“’Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,’ says the Lord, who has compassion on you.” Isaiah 54:10

Is. 54.10

{Photos curtesy of Creative Commons Flickr, Scripture Text added by Faith2Shine}


8 Comments on “It is Finished

    • Thank You! It’s easy to get distracted in this life and forget the very personal moments we have with Christ right at the foot of His cross.
      So glad to have you come by today!


  1. So true that Easter is much more than painted eggs. It’s something to celebrate all year.

    “Child, I didn’t die because you failed at performing. I am Resurrected Life so that you are completely embraced and accepted because I am.” YES!


    • We make the cross and this faith so complicated sometimes when God simply sent His love for Loves sake. It only requires that we accept it! Thanks for stopping by today Betsy!


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