We laugh. We Cry. We Journey.


It starts as a giggle, a rhythmic tickle on the edge of your belly.  As it echoes back in her voice you can only hold on to your pants as the full – fledged laugh bursts through your gut.  Just let it go – it’s worth it.  This shared moment, life done together in all of it’s crazy furry.

Ohhhh.  {Chuckle}

As the joy settles in your soul tears brimm over.  She simply “gets” you.  And without fail, she calls at the perfect time… or you catch her in the most important of all moments.  The conversations, the funny gag gifts, the knowing, the praying, the memories – they all add up.  Life hasn’t always dealt justly to either of you.  There have been moments of silence that shout the depths of pain.  And there are tender moments of pure ecstatic joy echoed in a true rip – roarin’ laugh.  Despite the mess, the chaos, even the distance, you are holding tight to this treasure, this shared journey.  It’s vulnerable and authentic.

This is friendship.


Her green purse catches your eye.  She hasn’t noticed you but the sight of that oh-so-trendy accessory makes you smile.  A flood of memories pours through your soul, refreshingly sweet.  It is almost funny how a green purse can encompass a lifetime of stories.  Yet, with a daggers edge this flood is also a reminder of the growing distance between you.  The phone no longer lights up with her number as often as it used to.  Her stories no longer play in the soundtrack of your day.  Seasons have changed and her name isn’t on the guest list.

Tears brimm here too.  Tender and true, they are an outpouring of a heart still open.  Waiting.  Longing.

This is friendship.

My tears have bounced over the gratitude of friendships here today and emptied over the longing for friendships past.  One thing remains:

My door is always open.  My phone is always connected.  I cherish you; for you my friend, are a gift.  Your story matters to me.  The journey you have walked and are walking yet today, you have not walked in vain nor are you walking alone.  I’ll save you a seat at our favorite coffee shop or shove aside the laundry pile for you to come sit on my couch.  Feet up.  Hair down.

You can cry, we’ll probably do that together.  Don’t worry, I have kleenex.  And if you pee a bit when we start to laugh- don’t worry… (I did too).  We press on.  Together.  And if the going gets rough and you start to whine, throw a fit or even vomit… I’m still here.  Your mess doesn’t scare me.  In fact, it makes me feel more human.

Friend, go ahead and take your space.  I respect you enough that even if you reject me, disconnect or simply vanish, I will still smile at your oh-so-cute accessories and hug your neck in the hallway.  But don’t you think for one second that I have stopped calling you friend or care less about the journey you walk.  I cherish you.  Friend, you are also welcome in the midst of my mess.  I will answer when you call and despite my fight with vulnerability I will not shy away from you.

I thank God for you.

This is friendship.

POTD - Dutch Tulips, Keukenhof Gardens, Holland - 3930


I am linking up with these fabulous writers today for Five Minute Friday.  Come check it out!  We share the word and yet each one of us takes it on a uniquely creative journey.  I must confess, I was reluctant to write this weeks prompt… a tender topic.  Ahh, but the challenge is worth it, no?  And the process not only challenged my soul… but my writing too.  Happy Friday to you!



5 Comments on “We laugh. We Cry. We Journey.

  1. Relationships are the most important thing in my life. Friendships do come and go. There is a time and a season for everything. Did you ever hear the song? “I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.” Grandma G.


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