Painted Glory {Five Minute Friday}

It’s that time again! I love these gals, all 300 of them! We pour our hearts out in black and white. As we stretch ourselves, faith grows in our hearts and as we step out blessings pour over our friends. It is good to be here every Friday!

Today I stepped out from the shaded corner into the fierce heat. It was a welcomed sensation, this brightness. Its radiation penetrating deep to my bones. The course sand filling up between my toes, hot and thick, put a slight urgency in my step.

Here. Yes, here.

Beneath this tower of reprieve swaying to the breeze, I settle. The hum of pool fun is fading off in the background and the beat of ocean waves is beckoning.

I breath in the humid air and lean back.

Unfolding all around me is a tickle of green against the crystal blue. It dances on the whisper of ocean waves. First the harmony to my right echoed by the melody of green palms to my left. The steady rhythm of aguas and sapphires, sifting grains, and outstretched verdancy is soothing. It all sings, this masterpiece sings of Holy Glory.


An artistic expression of joy. I breath it in and find a smile. This painting, vibrant and swaying, brings forth a smile deep. Painted Glory.


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