mighty. {Five Minute Friday}

Sometimes I don’t feel powerful. I feel just the opposite, I feel overtaken by the power of life around me.  I am deplete of energy and strength.  I feel completely unable to put forth any force.  The demands, the responsibilities, the relentless tick of the clock and dawn of new needs seem to carry the force.

Then they show up; pouncing in with sword and shield.  One is wearing an authentic Knights cape and the other an invisible force-field.  They ‘argh’ and flex and boldly stand tall.


They wear mighty and they are mighty.

A smile erupts across my face and reflection creeps into my moment.

You know, I am mighty too.  I got up today and faced the dawn.  My cape may be invisible but have no fear.  Despite sleeplessness, dirty diapers, clothes piles and sibling rivelry, I will have you to school on time with class picture money.  All of your soccer gear is clean and ready to go.  You will have barbeque sauce instead of Ranch with your Nuggets, I promise.  I may have skipped dinner (oh, and lunch) but your sheets are changed and your favorite blanket ready for you when the night comes.  My expectations for the day are far from met, and my list remains unchecked.

I don’t feel mighty… but I choose mighty.


{I have come to love these Friday posts.  I find myself sitting amongst a fantastic group of writers who leave me inspired, encouraged and giddy – giddy for words.  Come see what it’s all about over here.}

{And next week is launch week for an amazing new friend.  Her words have set my momma heart free!  I can’t wait to share it with you!!}


10 Comments on “mighty. {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Oh, DO keep writing, Brandi! I so enjoyed the book review above and your Friday Five here. 🙂 You articulate beautifully. Blessings, new friend!


    • Shellie! I wish we were sharing a cup of coffee right about now! I am sooo very honored to have you stop by! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement- they are like a sweet warm spring breeze to this writer’s heart! I look forward to reading your book!!! It’s next on the book shelf and if it’s ok with you I’d love to write a little about it. 🙂


  2. Hi stopping back by! Thanks for your post, it was great! I look forward to meeting up with you on Five Minute Fridays! Have a blessed week and check out cathyzpeek.com if you get a minute. Blessings for a great week! Cathy


  3. Hello! Another visitor from Five Minute Friday here. Today I ‘caped up’ and went into work feeling still very rough… and it worked! (nearly!) It’s an amazing thing, when we ‘put on’ strength like this… how we exceed our own expectations. I’m grateful for your words today. xRuth


  4. Hi, can’t wait to see your new endeavor take wings. I am so glad you choose mighty. It seems a hard choice sometimes when our to do lists remain unchecked. Thanks for wriitng such encouraging words.


  5. I love these and I’m sure all of your other readers do as well! Keep up the great work – your writing is amazing! I feel it culminates all your God given talents and gifts into one clear medium! God is doing a good work in you and you are blessing and are a blessing to all who know you and read your writings!

    I love you so much and know you will have another day of seeing your fruit blessed beyond measure!

    Sent from Paul’s iPhone



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