Willing to Cry Through

Happy Friday to you!  It’s Five Minute Friday and our word today is WILLING.

Willing: The mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses a course of action; volition.  Deliberate intention or whish.  Bearing or attitude toward others; disposition.  (American Heritage Dictionary).

I don’t know how one can walk through this life and not experience the highs and lows of love.  The heart ache, the exuberance, the wonder and the dismay, they all come to those with open eyes.  After so much heart ache or utter disappointment it is easy to shut down and wall off.  Unfortunately, to experience the good we have to walk through the bad too.

I sat this week at a parent soccer meeting.  (This is a sure sign spring is approaching – Thank God!) The first third of the meeting was all about how parents should behave.  (that’s a whole blog post on its own).  But the remaining two thirds of our hour and a half were spent discussing concussions.


Hold on.  We’re talking about my 7 year old son and my 6 year old daughter.  They are still babes and we’re disecting the signs and symptoms AND TREATMENT of concussions???!!!!  As I shuffled out of that rather odd meeting I determined to disenroll them from this activity.  I want my children to have minds sharp and alert FAR into their 90’s not just enough get through school.

But if I hold them back from the risk they will never experience the thrill of accomplishment, the rush of adrenaline in excercise.  If I want them to reap the benefits of this activity I have to be willing to face the risk.

Life is full of risks.  Risks of the heart are just as dangerous as the risks to the physical body- infact I’d argue they are moreso.  But you have to be willing to cry through the broken places to find the depths of true love in the beaming moments of joy.



8 Comments on “Willing to Cry Through

  1. Catching up on some previous posts you wrote – I love the way you put things… and resonate with this post too. Yes. Willing to risk… that’s been my experience too, though helped at times by being cornered (probably by God) into some impossible quandrys: risk or risk! It does help to see the potential benefits up front, but if I’m honest, there are some things where I risked trusting God and I’m still waiting to understand what he’s doing through it!!


    • Oh Ruth- I am so with you in the waiting room of understanding!! I try to be patient but I ask OFTEN for God to explain why I walked there or seem to be stuck here. He rarely answers with an explanation but He does grip my hand a bit tighter and smiles a warm, reassuring grin. We have to trust that tender touch, how could we not!


      • Yes it’s that reassuring presence we need even more than the understanding. Crying through to His embrace… Lovely to meet you through FMF today.


  2. Brandi, My kids went to the ER pretty regularly throughout their growing-up years, but, by the grace of God, and God’s angels watching over them, they made it through it all. Grandma


    • So sorry for the late reply- you are so right- I have bypassed many a opportunity to step out for fear of the risk. But in those bypasses I have also missed some beauty. I hope we can take a deep breath and step out a bit more than we hold back- we were created for beauty.


  3. Your last sentence here is profound! To be willing to cry through the broken places to find the depths of true love in the beaming moments of joy! So lovely! Thanks also for paying my blog a visit! Blessings to you this weekend! (I don’t blame you for wanting to reconsider putting your kids in soccer! 😉


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