Choose to Notice ~ Five Minute Friday

Yikes!  It has been a whole week since I’ve last posted!  It is that time again, Five Minute Friday!

The word today is: choose.

It has been a rough few weeks.  Sleep has been elusive and that can reek havoc, I mean real havoc.  Like the moment the alarm goes off and you hit snooze.  Seven minutes later you it again, this time the hazy thought of the calendar saunters hauntingly through your head, but you pay no mind.  Seven minutes later you actually don’t hear it.  Twenty minutes later it strikes like the sound of a dog about to vomit – IT’S WEDNESDAY.  IT. IS. WEDNESDAY.  (not Saturday).  Covers fly, drool dries and feet stumble up and out, thoughts racing a mile a minute: wake kids first, then pee.  re-wake kids then throw on pants.  encourage teeth-brushing, forget dressing for the weather.  definitely forget dressing to impress the other moms.  wake the culprit wait to wake the toddler.  skip brushing your hair and teeth – grab a hat and a cup of coffee instead.  find a quick breakfast. don’t forget the back packs.  load the car.  don’t forget the toddler.

Now don’t speed.

The culprit My sweet baby has been struggling to sleep and I have been struggling to cope.  Lack of sleep can do crazy things to life.  But it will pass, much like the passing of those newborn sleepless nights.  What struck me the hardest was the fact that I was making choices out of deficits.  I let the lack of sleep affect the way I talked to my other children, I let it affect my tone when I greeted my husband (who was sleep-deprived as well).  I even let it deny me permission to forego perfection and pursue grace in the form of a nap.

So after chasing the clock and failing to procure sleep for three weeks I took a step back and noticed.  I choose to leave the laundry, the expectation of completed Bible Study homework and the goal of a shower every day to notice life.  In my choice to embrace the hard moments I found snuggles, three-year old art (on my Bible Study Guide), new towers of Lego castles, and the sweet sound of “Good Night Moon” in my son’s voice.


One Comment on “Choose to Notice ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Brandi, It’s hard to believe I got so much done when I had 5 kids in my 20’s. Now I’m tired and retired and I can’t get much of anything done! I keep pushing my to-do chores till the next day, until the week is finally over and the chores are still not done. BUT I still do like this season of my life. Love, Grandma Gray


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