Love Fest ~ Disappointed but In-Love


I had a perfect Valentine’s Day once.  Oh, it was straight out of a romance novel.  This boyfriend started the night with a flower and a puzzle piece.  His puzzle piece clued in not just the moment we met – but the location.  From there we reminisced back to our first date… and on through our relationship’s journey.  While at dinner at a favorite restaurant, he surprised me with crowd-pausing balloons and the next clue.  It lead us up a mountain where we watched the stars shine on the sparkling town below.  Each piece formed the frame to a heart and inside was a love letter.   I was speechless at the creativity; it was if I been handed a dream.  He was genuine and it was an awe-inspired night.  Sappy – yes, but romantic nonetheless.

But it didn’t last.  {Disappointment}

My husband and I served the young adults at our church and we loved our position.  We were alive within the chance to encourage these hearts.  Weekly worship nights brought community and insight into the word.  There was ministry time, guest bands, ski trips, retreats and even annual service projects.  We’d seen people restored to faith, friendships develop and connections made.  It was absolutely fun and it fit, completely.

Then we were asked to step down and the ministry dissolved.  {Disappointment}

Feeling life grow within and watching it bloom from birth forward had been a true desire.  I had been fine-tuning my diabetes for years with my doctor to get ready.  We were following all of the indicators and stayed within the guidelines of the calendar and it worked.  It Worked!! There were two lines on the test that beautiful August morn!  We teared through a hug and danced a little jig into work.  The doctor confirmed with her own two lines later that same day.  As night settled we whispered of the hope to dawn in the morning.

And then I bled.  Life was lost.  Hearts broke open.  {Disappointment}

Inspired speech will be over some day; praying in tongues will end; understanding will reach its limit.  We know only a portion of the truth, and what we say about God is always incomplete.  But when the Complete arrives, our incomplete will be canceled.  1 Corinthians 13:8-10

Apostle Paul wrote Corinthians to a group of people who, amongst other things, had put high value in positions, talents and spiritual gifts.  They esteemed these things as if they were the prize and just like me had defined a life of love by carnal and imperfect moments.  Moments destined to come to an end.

Throughout this chapter Paul has been talking about what happens when we do life without love.  Whether it’s giving to the poor, ministry in the church, a relationship, a position in life, it is all temporary.  All are essential and good.  All of these things are good and essential.  But they are not the definition of love.  These things:  these romantic moments, these beloved positions, these life events – they do not define love.  These good things – they are a result of love, a divine love.
love is as old as the mountains (l'amore è antico come le montagne)

After all of this earth dissolves, love will remain.  Love inspires us here in the carnal and completes us there in the eternal.  And if we cling to love instead of expressions we will be better grounded for the moment those expressions disappoint.  That kind of love, that divine love never fails.

You have placed callings, annointings, talents and gifts within all of us.  Praise You for we are your workmanship, we are expressions of your love.  May I not cling to the expression, the gift or the position but instead to Your love.  All of these things will cease, and the only thing that will remain is love.  Disappointment is inevitable here in this life – may it not derail my vision of Love but instead may each disappointment remind me of how steady Love is. 
In Your Holy Name,

P.S. ~ For the record, 4 years later God brought me a Husband 10 times more romantic and genuine than that Valentine’s Day boyfriend.  And we now have three beautiful, healthy babies. God’s love is faithful, it never fails.


3 Comments on “Love Fest ~ Disappointed but In-Love

  1. This came to my mind while reading your message. This truly defines love. It is who we are. Our Bible Study Teacher, was asked to speak at our church from the pulpit. (The topic was re. investments). He said, “My identity used to be: “I AM A LAWYER.” but now when asked, I reply, ‘’I AM IN CHRIST.” Love, G.G.


  2. I loved this post – of course I read it after our Valentines night plans and I’m still getting tears in my eyes!

    Sent from Paul’s iPad



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