Five Minute Friday!


What makes a hero?  A cape?  An extremely dangerous situation mitigated with an outrageous skill and random tool?

I don’t think so.  Heros are everywhere, everyday.  They get up in the middle of the night for the 6th time to bring nourishment to a tiny soul learning to grow.  They stay up, hovering over a feverish forehead.  Heros run back to the restaurant to dig through trash to find the lost loved Tonka toy.  Heros find five minutes to throw a basketball in the middle of the fourth quarter on “that” Sunday afternoon.  Heros wait up by the front door for the footsteps to return safely home.  Heros brave all odds during driver’s ed.  They even leave a hot cup of coffee to cool while searching for homework and stuffing lunch bags… all with a smile.

Heros aren’t made with crazy tools, daredevil stunts or even brave acts in the midst of tragedy.  Heros are made when love faces fear, hearts stand open to need and hands lay down selfish ambitions to hold tender new promises.  Heros are everyday people, everyday parents.



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