5 Minute Friday!

I am joining a writing flash mob ~ every Friday!  Ha!  {I am almost giddy over here}.  I am joing Lisa-Jo Baker and her mob of word lovers in a 5 minute-free flowing dance of keyboards and pounding syllables. That is all I get- one word and 5 minutes to talk about it!

“Writing is like the old friend you can always count on to tell you the truth.  You don’t need a computer or a fancy moleskin.  You can just tear a corner off that old grocery list and write down a legacy of what you loved today.  You can count gifts.  You can write notes to yourself.  you can weep quietly in ink and then ball it up and throw it out like so much letting go.”  ~Lisa-Jo Baker

Ok~ so the word of the day is Visit.

Visit is another word for connection.  We connect with someone somewhere over something.  As I pondered this word I started thinking of all of my “visits”.  There is the visit to the doctor where I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  Then there is the visit to Elitches or even better- Costa Rica!  We visited my family’s farm in Virginia and while there I had opportunities to visit with my brother that I may have never gotten had we stayed at home infront of the video games and telephones.  Then there is the visit I had with the Director at my first “real” job- the job that opened my eyes to the complexity of human life and the vitality of connection.  It was a job working with abused and neglected children and their families.  Oh the visits I had while working there: drug addicts passed out in my lap, children navigating the haunting memories of pain through the ache of love in their hearts while “visiting” with their parents in a sterile “visitation room”. 

How about the visit I made to a little church.  Where standing tall above the other “visitors” was his broad sholders, deep brown eyes and oh-so-handsome smile.  That little visit ushered in a love like I have never known and I will wear its bling on my left hand until the day I die.

Then there is the visit I made to a Hospice.  {tears} I had made visits to her before- only then they were laden with elaborate flower gardens and giggles while we gingerly rearranged the furniture in her collector’s doll house. Our visits would host an outing to the golf course or special new restaurant, they always left me with a wonder for life and a dream in my soul.  Not this visit- this visit found her without words or working hands.  This visit was my chance to say good bye and thank her for the impact of all the times before.  She may have not been able to respond to me- but I knew her heart heard me.

You see, all of these visits, these connections and moments in time have influenced me in my today.  All of them.  Visits have a way of doing that- no – connection has a way of doing that.  I am impacted by all of them and will never be the same.  I don’t take visits lightly, they are treasured connections.

Grandma and I


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